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Services Rendered

1. Guaranteed preliminary sourcing of candidates-through our walk-in applicants, advertisements, applicants by mails, others being referred by previous applicants or employed individuals relying on our capability to deploy them abroad and provincial recruitment by authorized agents.

2. Rigid screening and recommendation of suitable applicants-through preliminary interview and vide/pictorial to be sent to prospective employers abroad.

3. Good service to clients in accordance with the existing standards of customer satisfaction in the selection of approved candidates.

4. Expeditions processing of travel documents with the different government agencies concerned, such as Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Embassies, Airlines and Travel Agencies, etc.

5. Pre-departure briefing and orientation seminar which conducted in-house for all departing contract workers, educating the workers of the customs, traditions and culture of host country and other matters relevant to overseas employment.

6. Status and/or progress reports is sent weekly, or as the need arises-to update you on progress of mobilization of your approved candidates.

7. Personalized service to your companyšŚ┤ representative/s during recruitment trips to Manila.

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