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  Welcome to our company

Angelex Allied Agency is an established recruitment agency, located at the heart of the more prestigious, strategic and accessible business district in Manila. This allows us fast and more convenient access to related government line agencies. This company is run by young, motivated, well-educated experienced business executive that has been molded by her past experience in running the business.

It has a huge manpower pool available to evaluate and to select with all types of positions from professionals, highly skilled and unskilled workers especially domestic helpers. We can assure once subscribing our services of fast response and flexibility to deal with changes of requirements of your manpower needs.

Company Objectives

  • To deploy highly qualified and competent domestic helper(s) in Hongkong.
  • To guarantee Hongkong clients of competent, determined, reliable and industrious workers.
  • To help the Department of Labor in promoting labor exchange between the government of Hongkong and the Philippines.
  • To help tourism agencies such as airlines companies and other booking offices in their production and clientele services.
  • To assist qualified Filipino workers who wish to seek employment abroad and earn decent money abroad, especially in Hongkong.
  • To be a part of the ever-growing industry who deals with the services of giving decent job for qualified Filipinas who wish to improve the quality of their family lives by working abroad, especially in HongKong.

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